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Subject: Exploring Hogwarts - part 1**************************
This story is a work of fiction. The Harry Potter series is
copyrighted by J. K. Rowling, Scholastic Books, and Warner
Brothers. The views expressed are not the views of J. K.
Rowling. If you object to stories involving homosexual acts
between consenting teenagers, please don't read the following
Exploring Hogwarts
Looking down her glasses, Professor McGonagall's stern voice
said, "Harry, I will not tell you again. You MUST have a partner
for the Yule Ball. You are a Hogwart's champion!"
"But Professor, I..."
"No exceptions, Harry. You'd better get to it." Harry
looked up at Professor McGonagall and started to say something,
but thought better of it.
"Yes, Professor." He stood up and walked out of
McGonagall's office. Three days later he finally told Ron and Hermione what
McGonagall had told him. "And I don't loli nude bbs imgboard
even know how to dance. I'm
going to make a complete fool out of myself."
"No you won't," said Ron. "I'll teach you myself if I have
Harry's insides leapt. "Thanks, Ron. I might just take you
up on that offer."
"All right, then let's get started tonight. Let's go." Ron
got to his feet and pulled Harry out of his chair. "The sooner
we get this over, the better. We'll go up the top of Gryffindor
Tower. It's quite up there, and we won't be disturbed. Later,
Hermione." Harry and Ron made there way to the top of the tower.
As Ron had said, it was deserted.
"Ok, first we'll need some music." With a wave of his wand,
a vibrant waltz began to play out of thin air. "Now, take my
hand. That's right. Now, wrap your other hand around my waist."
Harry did as he was instructed and blushed slightly. "Ok, we
just move to the beat of the music. Whenever you're ready,
Harry felt the beat of the music and began moving. He was a
natural moving and turning in time. "Harry, are you sure you've
never done this before? You're a natural! Well, you can obviously
waltz, let's try a slow dance." With another flick of his wand,
the music changed to a slow song in 4/4 time. Harry looked into
Ron's eyes, who held his gaze. Harry felt a stirring in his
groin and quickly lolita posting preteen sven turned away from Ron.
"Um, I don't think I can do this."
"What do you mean, Harry? You're a natural at this. You're
"It's not the dancing, it's...." Harry felt his throat
tighten. "It's...."
"It's what?"
"It's... I can't say." Harry quickly walked back down
towards the Fat Lady painting. He heard Ron running behind him.
He grabbed Harry's shirt and turned him towards him.
"Harry, wait!" Ron exclaimed. "Listen, what's going on?
You've been acting strange to me for the past few weeks! I'm
you're best mate. You know you can tell me anything."
"I know, Ron. It's just that some things are too hard to
say. Ever since McGonagall told me I had to have a partner for
the Yule Ball, I've been thinking a lot about who I would want to
ask. I want to ask... I want..."
"Who, Harry?"
Harry looked into Ron's eyes. Silent tears fell from his
face as he said, "You, Ron."
Ron blinked twice and opened his mouth to say something. He
thought better of this and closed his mouth. He put his arms
around Harry and pulled him into his chest. "Harry, why haven't
you told me you felt this way before? Why didn't you tell me you
were gay?"
"I don't know," Harry said between sobs. "I just kinda
figured this out myself in the past few days. I thought you'd
never talk to me again."
"You really thought I'd never talk to you again?"
"I didn't know," shrugged Harry. He dried his tears on the
sleeves of his robes and said, "Come on, I'm tired. I need to go
to bed." The two of them made their way through the common room
and up to their dormitories. Without talking, they prepared for
bed. Ron looked lost in thought and every so often would look
over at Harry who was now slipping into his four poster bed
wearing only his Gryffindor boxers. Ron felt strangely excited.
Harry closed his privacy curtains and said goodnight to Ron. Ron
closed his own curtains and climbed into bed. He sat on top of
the covers thinking for about two minutes. Then Ron got out of
his bed, pushed his way onto Harry's bed and slipped under the
covers beside him. "What are you doing?" Harry asked. Ron
wrapped his arm around Harry's chest and pulled Harry to him.
Their body's entwined, Ron whispered into Harry's ear,
"Goodnight." A smile made its way across Harry's face, and soon
the two young boys were asleep.
That night, Harry dreamed of Ron. They were dancing
together at the Yule Ball. When he awoke the next morning, he
looked over at Ron and ran a hand through his hair. Ron opened
his eyes and smiled. "Ronald Weasly, will you be my partner for
the Yule Ball?"
"If you are sure, I would love to be your partner." Harry
hugged Ron and kissed him lightly on the lips.
"I am sure and will tell Professor McGonagall of my decision
after class today." They laid in bed holding each other for
another half hour or so until they heard rustling in another bed.
Ron slipped out of Harry's bed and into his own. After a difficult Transfiguration class, Professor
McGonagall asked Harry to stay behind. "Have you found a partner
for the Ball yet, Mr. Potter?" Harry nodded apprehensively.
"Good. Who is the lucky person?"
"Actually, Professor, I asked Ron Weasly." Harry grimaced
and waited for the explosion that never came.
"May I ask why you've asked your best friend?" she asked.
"Well, actually, he's more than just my friend," Harry
"Oh. Oh, I see," she said pensively. "And you are ready for
that fact to become common knowledge? Harry, it will not be easy
for you, you know."
"I know, but this has made me as happy as I've ever been in
my life," Harry said smiling.
"Very well, I shall inform Dumbledore of your decision. I
think he will be very pleased with your choice." legal lolita pics gallery Heading down to the Yule Ball, Harry was beginning to get
nervous. Ron took Harry's hand and said, "We'll be fine." The
two of them waited outside the Great Hall with the other
champions and their dates. Both Harry and Ron were shocked to
see Hermione with Vicktor. She came over to them and asked what
Ron was doing there. "He's my partner for the Ball," said Harry.
Hermione smiled, "Well it's about bloody time you two got
together." The three of them hugged. Professor Dumbledore came
up to the eight people standing outside the hall and gave them
their instructions. He walked into the Great Hall heavenly nude lolitas models and sat down
at the head of the faculty's table.
As the music started, Fleur Delacour and her partner walked
into the Hall which erupted into applause. Cedric walked in with
his date. Again the hall erupted into applause. Viktor and
Hermione followed and for the third time the hall broke into
applause. "Here we go. I don't know what's going to happen, Ron,
but know that I love you." Ron grabbed Harry's hand Dan they
walked together into the Great Hall. As they came into view, the
entire hall went quite. Most of the students were in shock and
didn't move. Dumbledore started clapping as they walked to the
center of the dance floor and began dancing. Harry leaned close
into Ron and said, "I don't think I can do this."
Ron took his hand and wrapped it around Harry's waist. "Yes
you can. I'm here with you. And Harry," Ron looked deep into
Harry's emerald eyes, "I love you, too." Filled with confidence,
Harry and Ron danced. They were concentrating on nothing but
each other. As the dance drew to a close, Ron leaned into Harry
and kissed him lightly on the lips. "Let's go get some fresh
air," he suggested.
They walked out into the clearing in front of the castle
where fairies sparkled. They were the only two out there. Ron
lead Harry to a secluded bench that was hidden from view by the
many bushes which surrounded the path to the large front doors of
the castle. As they sat side by side, Ron said, "You look wicked
handsome Harry. Your dress robes really bring out your legal lolita pics gallery eyes. I
must be the luckiest person here tonight."
"And here I was thinking I was the luckiest..." Harry
drifted off. Ron's hand caressed Harry's face. The two locked
eyes and were drawn to each other by a force neither of them
understood. They kissed each other gently, and Harry felt Ron's
tongue pushing on his lips. Instinctively, he opened his mouth
and let Ron's tongue enter. Catching on quickly, Harry did the
same with his tongue and soon the two were so deeply engrossed
that they didn't hear the three people approaching them.
"Aw, isn't that sweet? Look at Potter and Weasly!" Malfoy
exclaimed. "I always knew that you were worthless Potter. Now
you've proved me right. Just wait until Rita Skeeter gets a hold
of this one!"
Crabb and Goyle smirked. preteen lolita picture boards Ron was up and was pointing his
wand at Malfoy before Harry even realized teen bbs rompl lolita he had moved.
"Malfoy, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you were
jealous. I've seen the way you've looked at Harry. I know what
you've been thinking. So unless you want us to share your secret
with the school, I'd keep my mouth shut if I were you." Mouth
agape, Malfoy just turned and walked away.
Harry started laughing and stood up to face Ron. The two
embraced and Harry suggested they get back to the ball. Ron
agreed and they walked back to the Great Hall holding hands.
They danced the rest of the night away. They were preteen lolita russian angels so happy being
with each other that they didn't care about the stares and
whispers about them. As the night went on, the crowd thinned.
Harry and Ron danced even after the music stopped. Finally,
Dumbledore said to them, "I think it's time for bed, you two."
They stopped dancing and realized that they were the last two
students in the Great Hall. They laughed and made their way up
to their house common room. As they gave the password to the Fat
Lady, the stone door swung open. They walked into the common
room and saw that the entire house was waiting for them. Harry
and Ron took each other's hands, and took a few uncertain steps.
Fred stood on a table and said, "Here they are, Gryffindor's
champion and his partner!" The entire house erupted into cheers
and applause. Harry and Ron both gave a sigh of relief and
As far the Gryffindors were concerned, nothing had changed.
They celebrated Ron and Harry's happiness until Percy finally
called an end to the night. The other fourth year boys, Neville,
Dean, and Seamus, came up to the happy couple and Seamus said,
"We've decided to sleep by the fire tonight. Would you like to
join us, or would you like to have the dormitory to yourselves
tonight?" He gave the two a wicked grin.
"I think we'll sleep in the dormitory tonight," said Harry.
He took Ron's hand and led him up the stairs. Alone in their
room, Harry turned to Ron. "You are the most beautiful person I
have ever known." He ran his hand through Ron's red hair. Ron
closed his eyes. Harry's hand moved down to Ron's neck and drew
him closer. Their lips met again and they kissed for what seemed
an eternity. Harry's hand moved to the front of Ron's robe and
undid the three buttons that held the lolita bbs post teen garment closed. He slipped
the robe off Ron. Ron smiled, and returned the favor by removing
Harry's robes. They undressed each other until they were just
wearing underwear (Harry in his Gryffindor boxers, and Ron in his
Gryffindor boxer-briefs). They explored each others bodies, and
laid back onto Ron's bed. They kissed as their hands moved along
each other's chests. "I love you, Ron."
"I love you, too." Ron's hand moved further down and
caressed the inside of Harry's legs. Ron felt Harry's erection
on his stomach, and pulled down Harry's boxers with a grin.
Harry had never been naked in front of someone he loved, and was
a little worried about what Ron might think. Noticing a change
in Harry, Ron said, "You are so wonderful, Harry. I've been
waiting for this moment for so long." Harry smiled, and took
moved his hands to Ron's waist, removing his boxer-briefs in one
smooth motion. They looked at each other's naked body. Harry's
uncircumcised penis stood six and a half inches. It was longer
than Ron's but not as thick. Harry's hand rubbed Ron's five and
a half inch thick dick. He moaned in pleasure. preteen lolita picture boards His penis was
circumcised, a fact that Harry found intriguing. They lay
together, touching and kissing. Harry kissed Ron's neck and
chest and Ron's hands traveled down Harry's back to his tight
buttocks. "I can't take it anymore, Harry," Ron whispered
between deep breaths. "If I don't get off soon, I'm going to
Harry pushed Ron onto his back and climbed on top of him.
Their dicks rubbing each other, Harry said, "I've been dreaming
of this moment for months now." They kissed and continued
rubbing their dicks together. The friction between them took
it's toll. "Oh, god Ron, I'm close."
"Me, too," said Ron. Their breaths got heavier and more
irregular. In seconds, Ron was yelling, "I'm cumming!"
Simultaneously, their cocks erupted. Jet after jet of cum mixed
together on their bodies as Harry collapsed on top of Ron. They
held each other for a few moments, kissing passionately. They
cleaned themselves off, then turned to face each other. "I've
never felt anything like that before in my life."
"Me neither," responded Harry. "I hope we have many happy
nights together."
"We will, love. We will." They cuddled for the rest of the
night, falling asleep in each others arms. When they awoke they
saw that they were hovering about four inches above the bed.
Ron's eyes widened, "What the?" At that, the two of them dropped
back onto the bed.
"What was that?" asked Harry.
"I don't know," answered Ron, "but we'd better go and speak
with Dumbledore."
"Agreed." The two of them dressed each other, and then
walked down to breakfast. "We'll speak to him after breakfast."
"I wonder what it means," replied Ron.
"So do I, Ron. So do I."
What do you think? This is the first story I've written. Any
feedback would be greatly appreciated. Send to
greyinjamaicahotmail.com Thanks!
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